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How can unified communications be effectively achieved while lockdown continues to keep employees away from the office?



As options for cross-company communications have increased over the past few years, encompassing email, conferencing and instant messaging among others, it’s no wonder that these methods are becoming more unified in order to maintain task progress, as well as general collaboration, during lockdown.

Unified communications are becoming more vital to the success of operations as companies work remotely, and employees plan to do so even after lockdown. As well as streamlining discussions within the organisation, having this in place increases efficiency by saving the time needed to open and switch between various platforms.

But, how can companies best go about achieving unified communications? Let’s explore the steps needed to ensure a seamless process.

Be independent of devices and networks

Another aspect that should be considered is the devices that are in use across the organisation.

According to Justin Hamilton-Martin, director at Centile and Swyx, as part of Enreach, unified communications must be as flexible as possible in regards to devices and networks, whether they were being used before lockdown, or provided by the company at the start of it.

“Achieving successful unified communications must start with looking at the bigger picture, and not focusing around just voice, which should be just one of many services enabled by a UC platform,” he said.

“Also, true unified communications should allow users to work how they want, where they want, based on their situation at any given time, rather than being dictated by devices, networks or apps.

“There should be the ability to seamlessly transition communications and workflows across networks, laptops and computers, mobiles. Users should have the flexibility to, for instance, instantly launch a video call with a team from the last email or chat stream with them, or, based on their ‘presence’ setting, have calls automatically diverted to a colleague.”


Reading Time: 2 minutes

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