FMC vas enabler for fixed-line operators

Centile ISTRA FMC router enables service providers to offer converged fixed-mobile services and help them to become Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). 

Hosted by a MNO or MVNA/E, the ISTRA FMC router is interconnected to a multitude of MVNOs, each having a Fixed VAS or Centrex platform.

Centile ISTRA FMC router anchors their mobile calls from the MNO’s network to the MVNO’s Centrex platform using SIP Forced Camel interconnect. This allows fixed-line operators to extend PBX features to mobile devices and offer full Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) to users including :

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  • CLI replacement for all outgoing mobile and fixed calls (ex. fixe line number presentation even from a mobile outgoing call)
  • Single and unified voicemail for fixed and mobile phones
  • Fixed et mobile phones parallel ringing (forking), whatever number has been called
  • User call status mirrors the fixed and mobile user’s line
  • Centralized call history for fixed et mobile phone
  • Extension dialing from fixed et mobile (VPN)
  • Single Web user selfcare for the whole fixed and mobile telephony services
  • Call Recording for fixed and mobile incoming and outgoing calls Redirect incoming mobile calls on VAS or any destination
  • Voice Call Continuity between mobile and fixed phone (switch in call between phones)
  • Call baring rules can be defined by user and will be applicable on all phone (fixed and mobile) (ex. no external, no mobile, no international …)
  • Personal IVR for away attendant and call screening
  • Boss/secretary feature available mobile phone Mobile Pro/Private feature
  • All fixed VAS available on mobile : Group, Agent ACD …
FMC Router - Centile Telecom Application

Benefits to:


  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Boost mobile traffic
  • Acquire additional MVNOs


  • Offer full FMC
  • Maximize ARPU
  • Increase client retention


  • Get user mobile status
  • Show business number
  • Convergent voicemail
  • Voice Call Continuity

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