ISTRA, a platform that meets your needs

Whether you’re a Fixed-Line Operator, Mobile Operator, MVNO, Integrator or Reseller, Centile provides turnkey solutions allowing you to offer Unified Communications (UC) and Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) services to enterprises of all sizes.

Our solutions easily integrate into your infrastructure and allow you to be up and running quickly. You can launch your offer with a short “Time To Market” (TTM) that guarantees an edge over the competition.

ISTRA supports a wide range of certified terminals that benefit from automatic provisioning, fine integration and regular updates.

ISTRA comes in different modules, each adapted and optimized to a particular service. These modules enable the delivery of Cloud PBX, PBX trunking, UC, FMC, call centers, interactive voice responses (IVRs) and collaboration to businesses.

The Any³ architecture of ISTRA – Any service, over Any network, on Any terminal – addresses the needs of operators and businesses seeking to deliver advanced professional communications services to fixed and mobile users independent of the device they’re using or the network they’re connected to.

ISTRA comes in 4 Offers

Cloud Edition

Trusted Hosting Partner + Bring your own Carrier

Compact Edition

Compact Platform to start small up to 10K users

Evolutive Edition

Evolutive Platform to scale up to 100K users

Distributed Edition

Fully Distributed Platform to specialize and optimize nearly unlimited

ISTRA Cloud Edition is dedicated to integrators or resellers who do not wish to host or maintain a platform.

Centile provides incubated platforms operated by its team of experts in the datacenter of the hosting partner.

ISTRA Compact Edition is a compact platform hosted by the operator and supporting up to 10K users.

All modules of Centile’s solution are redundant and running in a 1+1 architecture (physical or virtualized).

ISTRA Evolutive Edition is an evolutive platform supporting up to 100K users.

The platform consists of a minimum of four servers (physical or virtualized) and scales by adding “front end” servers (2+2N).

ISTRA Distributed Edition is a distributed platform supporting a nearly unlimited number of users.

The platform consists of a minimum of six servers (physical or virtualized) and scales by adding pairs of servers in a per role basis (2+2N+2M).

Innovative FMC & UCC features

Benefits for service providers

  • Commercialization of hosted services of CU (SAV Entreprise)
  • Moving smoothly towards Fixed Mobile convergence and mobility in response to changing mobile market demand
  • PBX Trunking Capabilities with Common CDR Database for CU / Centrex and Trunks Users
  • Partnership with an ecosystem of specialists (Yealink, Snom, Polycom, Gigaset, LGEricsson, Cisco, Aastra, Panasonic, Invoxia, Logitech)
  • Proven and scalable platform, rich features
  • APIs allowing third party developments and integration with external components (billing system, CRM …)
  • Multi-tier white label and robust interworking for fast, seamless and highly scalable deployments
  • Ergonomic management interfaces designed for multi-level channels
  • Flexible business model allowing operators to enter and explore new markets with minimal risk

A user experience enriched and simplified

ISTRA offers end-users telephony management portals that simplify their experience.

Management of services facilitated

ISTRA offers corporate administrators portals to manage their telephony.

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Interested in our solution?

Interested in our solution?