ISTRA Mobile is a mobile-first communications and collaboration Cloud PBX platform enabling mobile operators and MVNEs to offer enterprise mobile users the advanced features of an office telephone on their mobile over existing GSM networks or convergent infrastructure.

Smart core mobile network through camel integration

ISTRA Mobile offers smart integration with the existing mobile infrastructure (MSC and HLR) to optimize network capacity usage and scale cost-effectively.

Media and circuits are efficiently managed within the GSM network by sending only calls with advanced services to Centile SIP Application Server.

Leveraging its core SIP logics, ISTRA Mobile is also IMS and VoLTE ready

Benefits for mobile operator

  • Delivering a full office PBX experience to GSM users
  • Improving enterprise customer loyalty by delivering great customer experience
  • Flexible integration with existing core mobile network
  • “Revenue sharing” model: only pay for active users

Benefits for the business

  • Enabling convergent services across multiple fixed and mobile devices
  • Keeping full control of the PBX UC service
  • Migrating smoothly from traditional telephony to mobile Cloud service
  • Simplifying the user experience by leveraging Centile’s native mobile App (IOS & Android) “Mobiis”

Key Features

Single or Dual Number/CID : Call from your mobile and show your fixed business number identity (no VoIP nor dialer required).

Voice Call Continuity: Users can move ongoing calls from one device to another without any interruption (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop).

Live Screening service : Ability to listen-in on calls forwarded to voicemail and to decide whether you want to take the call.

One Voicemail : A single converged voicemail box for missed calls coming from both the fixed and/or mobile.

Away Attendant: Selectively redirect business calls to a substitute or to voicemail when you are away or on vacation.

Enhanced Caller ID : Be aware of not only who is calling you, but also which group the call is coming from.

SMS & IM Unification: Ability to send and receive SMS as a chat and vice-versa.

Flexibility, Differentiation, Future-proofing

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Vendor agnostic Any3 Enterprise Mobility: Any service, over any network, to any terminal

Rapidly deploy in today’s network

Easily deliver differentiated, customizable services, insuring customer loyalty and reducing churn

Boost ARPU with competitive “pay as you grow” pricing model

Pave the way for FMC and smooth migration to 4G

An enriched and simplified user experience

Management of services facilitated

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Interested in our solution?

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Interested in our solution?