ISTRA SP is a SIP based carrier-grade Cloud PBX services platform enabling fixed-line operators to offer Unified Communications and Collaboration services to enterprises of all sizes over any network, and on any terminal.

The open and modular architecture of ISTRA SP platform allows service providers to gain market share and new revenue streams by delivering UCaaS, PBX Trunking and Collaboration services to businesses.

ISTRA SP is available in 3 Offers

Compact Edition

Compact Platform to start small
up to 10K users

Evolutive Edition

Evolutive Platform to scale up
to 100K users

Distributed Edition

Fully Distributed Platform to specialize
and optimize nearly unlimited

ISTRA Compact Edition is a compact platform hosted by the operator and supporting up to 10K users.

All modules of Centile’s solution are redundant and running in a 1+1 architecture (physical or virtualized).

ISTRA Evolutive Edition is an evolutive platform supporting up to 100K users.

The platform consists of a minimum of four servers (physical or virtualized) and scales by adding “front end” servers (2+2N).

ISTRA Distributed Edition is a distributed platform supporting a nearly unlimited number of users.

The platform consists of a minimum of six servers (physical or virtualized) and scales by adding pairs of servers in a per role basis (2+2N+2M).

Key benefits

  • Field proven and agile
  • Feature-richness
  • Open standard-based APIs allowing easy integration to existing IP networks and OSS/BSS systems
  • Multi-tier white labeling and robust interworking enabling fast, smooth and highly scalable deployments
  • Win-win pricing model allowing operators to enter and explore new markets at considerably lower risk than ever before
  • Web-based configuration and management

A user experience enriched and simplified

Management of services facilitated

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Interested in our solution?

Interested in our solution?