myTelephony is a simplified telephony service management portal enabling, on one hand, enterprises to be independent and on the other, operators to be more efficient in managing their customer base.

This management portal has been designed to meet the needs of resellers and company administrators.

Key Features

  • User PSTN numbers assignment
  • Extensions groups and members management
  • Enterprise sites creation
  • Music and service announcements customization
  • Call rules management
  • Conference bridge management
  • Auto attendant creation and management
  • Display and status of connected terminals
  • Display of declared services
  • View and association of IP terminals

Users Management

View and manage main user information, such as:

  • Name
  • Extension
  • Public numbers
  • IP Phones
  • Services plans
  • Extensions groups’écran-2019-02-20-à-14.44.23-2-768x422.png

Call rules management’écran-2019-02-20-à-14.48.58-1-768x739.png

Define call rules based on several criteria:

  • Rule type (on no answer, busy, network failure)
  • Call type (internal, external, anonymous)
  • Specific callers
  • Presence state

Create call restrictions based on the called number, country code, call types (national, international) …

Terminals Management

Directly from myTelephony, declare a terminal and associate it with an extension. You can also release an associated device to use it with another extension.

mytelephony - Centile Telecom Application

Audio management

Customize the waiting songs on each site for incoming and outgoing calls. No need to record a message through a voice service, just use an audio file on your computer.’écran-2019-02-20-à-14.49.48-768x314.png

Auto attendant management

Create your auto attendant service. Assign time ranges, set a menu, and save your personalized audio messages.

mytelephony - Centile Telecom Application

PLMN numbers management

Assign PLMN numbers to a company and link them to extensions.’écran-2019-02-20-à-14.48.19-768x422.png

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