SIP Trunking Platform for service providers

When dealing with a private branch exchange (PBX), trunk lines are the phone lines coming into the PBX from the service provider.This differentiates these incoming lines from extension lines that connect the PBX to individual telephones. Trunking saves cost, because there are usually fewer trunk lines than extension lines, since it is unusual in most offices to have all extension lines in use for external calls at once.Trunk lines transmit voice and data in formats such as analog, T1, E1, ISDN or PRI.

Centile Smart PBX Trunking solution enables service providers to target enterprises with premises-based IP PBXs, offering them the latest innovative UC services without replacing their existing IP PBXs.

By connecting Centile Smart PBX Trunking to an installed PBX, businesses can use VoIP for all local and long distance calling needs.

Service provider Benefits

  • Combining voice and data into a single line reduces operational costs
  • Line cost saving as SIP lines are cheaper than PRI lines
  • Mutualizing the phone lines to cut costs
  • Redundancy of the PBX with a Hosted solution
  • In case of unreachability of the PBX, incoming calls are automatically rerouted
  • Integration with Centile IVR platform to offer a better welcome attendant service
  • Systematic recording of the calls
  • Mobile phone added to the PBX extension to receive calls on both
  • Focus on sales to win new customers

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Interested in our solution?

Interested in our solution?