Call Center

Centile Call Center solution enables service providers to take advantage of the growing demand for call center services and to offer enterprise customers hosted inbound call center services at a very competitive price.

Integrated with Centile Istra platform, the solution provides a comprehensive range of Automatic Call Distribution (“ACD”) features as well as comprehensive statistics and reporting tools that are required for call center supervisors and agents to efficiently manage and monitor incoming calls.

Key Features

  • Web based administration interface to configure and manage agents, ACD groups and supervisors
  • Powerful web provisioning tool to intuitively customize the ACD scenarios
  • Supervisor ACD console to manage agents’ interactions
  • Feature rich agent client application (web or native, with or without softphone)
  • Feature rich agent client application (web or native, with or without softphone)
  • Call recording capability with recording browsing interface 
  • Skill language capability – provides options for caller’s choices in terms of agent specialization (e.g. select an agent that speak a particular language)
  • Callback service – allows a caller to hang up the call at a given moment, but still leaving the “call position” waiting in the queue and then be called back as soon as an agent becomes available.


Centile’s myCallCenter is a web administration interface enabling the Call Center supervisor to fully configure all aspects of the call center.

  • Implementation and assignment of calendars for opening and closing hours to ACD groups
  • Specific configuration settings for the group
callcenter - Centile Telecom Application

ACD Supervisor Console

Centile ACD Supervisor Console is a user-friendly web based application enabling supervisor to monitor and manage agents’ interactions, ACD groups, call flows, and access to real-time statistics and reporting activities in a single interface.

The ACD supervisor console provides an easy-to-use and powerful interface that allows the supervisor to handle functions including:

  • Assign agents to ACD groups
  • Log in/out agents at any time
  • Supervise ACD agent status & customer presence for each ACD Queue (with customized colours)
  • Drag & Drop capabilities (mouse or finger for touchscreens)
    • move agent or waiting customers from one queue to another
    • affect one unassigned agent to specific ACD queue
  • Visualize group dashboard data like calls in queue, agent ringing, in call or pause, calls in overflow agents and other group related information for each group
  • Visualize and monitor groups, agents and calls in real time for all monitored groups with information about calls waiting time
  • Display of associated opening/closing hours for each ACD Queue
  • Access to ACD groups and agents’ statistics web interface
  • Access to myCallcenter web interface
  • Monitor in/barge in/steal
callcenter - Centile Telecom Application


One of the supervisor’s functions is to analyze call data over periods of time to use the result in building up patterns that will allow more efficient configuration of the group and its resources to better adapt to the observed call patterns.

myReports web based application is a reporting and statistics tool enables the supervisor to monitor agents and queue work performance in real time and with in-depth historical data.  

The application includes a number of tools to retrieve call statistics for the groups, agent statistics and logs and produces daily or scheduled reports for a given date, or periodically on a weekly or monthly calendar basis. They can be issued in multiple file format including PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, and be sent via email to a number of preset destinations.

Reports are defined by their time period (today, yesterday, this week, last 7 days, last week, this month, last month, period) and scope (all groups,  a particular group, or a single agent).

callcenter - Centile Telecom Application

ACD Agent Console

Centile’s ACD Agent Console is a full featured application derived from myIstra selfcare client that provides, when used by an agent, not only total control of phone communications but also a robust array of ACD features such as priority and call queuing, call recording and call handling control.

In addition to providing the agent with general call control capabilities for call supervision and control, easy access to corporate directories and contacts, Centile’s myIstra application offers features to facilitate the agent’s work. 

  • Groups’ dashboard providing real time updates for each group to which the agent is assigned as well as agent’s availability, callers in queue, etc.
  • Ability to pause a system recording for compliance with PCI-DSS, and other security regulations
  • Special call information for incoming calls such as Caller ID (or name when available), ACD group name, etc.
  • Log in/out as agent and/or from specific groups
  • Pause key allowing agent to stop call reception while the pause is active
  • Groups information with information about each group agents and if they are active for calls, the group distribution policy
  • Opening and closing hours for each group
callcenter - Centile Telecom Application


Systematic recording of groups can be required for multiple reasons in a call center. Not only inbound calls to the call center are recorded, but also when an agent makes a call using one of the group’s public numbers as Caller ID, these calls are also marked as ACD calls and recorded.

myRecordings is an easy to use  web based interface granting users the display of the recorded calls.  The recordings can be played back in browser, or downloaded in common formats (MP4, OGG, AU) for subsequent usage.

callcenter - Centile Telecom Application

Specific recordings can be found easily by using the search criteria including today’s date, date range through calendar, caller name, extension number or extension group, dialed number, obtained number, and call duration.

When clicking on a recorded call, a playing audio is displayed. The waveform is displayed for a quick “at first glance” overview.  The user is able to position the audio cursor at a given length in the recording.

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