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Remote control your business communications

Mobiis is a native client Mobile application powered by Centile’s ISTRA Cloud UCC

Intuitive and very easy to use, Mobiis revolutionaries the way people handle their
communications while in the office or on the go. It enables end-users to benefit
from innovative and compelling business cloud communications services on their
smartphone (Android & iOS) including:

  • One Touch access to main value-added services
  • Push notifications avoiding battery drain and security leak
  • Integrated VoiP softphone with end-to-end encryption and switch to GSM when IP network connectivity is poor (WiFi or mobile data)
  • Instant notifications and instant messaging for users
  • Unified communications’ history (chat, voicemails, calls)
  • Unified contacts (personal, corporate)
  • Real time user and telephony presence state
  • Team collaboration (video conferencing, screen and file sharing, group chat).


Mobility - Centile Telecom Application
Mobility - Centile Telecom Application
Mobility - Centile Telecom Application
Mobility - Centile Telecom Application

Key Features

  • Softphone
  • Number Presentation
  • Video Conference
  • Presence management
  • Redirects
  • Calls..

SIP TLS and SRTP encryption

Choice of automatic network: 4G / WIFI / GSM

Call recording

Call redirection

Group call

Mobiis gives you the possibility to choose the number you want to present during an outgoing call

You can also choose to hide your number.

Join a conference

Create a conference

Write on the shared screen

Manage your presence simply from several predefined profiles

Show your contacts a personalized presence message

View the personalized presence status

Enable or disable your predefined rules from myIstra

Live Filtering Service:

Ability to listen “live” incoming calls forwarded to voicemail and decide to take the call.

Away services:

Redirect your calls to a replacement or to voicemail when you are away or on leave.

Unified chat, calls, contacts and voicemail

View and send instant messages

Call History

Play and download voice messages

Access to business and personal contacts from the app

A user experience enriched and simplified

ISTRA offers end-users telephony management portals that simplify their experience.

Centile Telecom Application - Logo

Centile joined an UCaaS European group composed of Swyx and Voiceworks

Centile Telecom Application - Logo

Centile joined  an UCaaS European group composed of Swyx and Voiceworks

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