myIstra Switchboard

myIstra SwitchBoard is an interactive advanced attendant console empowering service providers to offer receptionist services to enterprises.

Available in web and stand alone modes, the intuitive interface with ergonomic design allows in-house or outsourced receptionists to simply and efficiently manage business communications.

Key Features

  • Manage users: Change forwarding rules and presence state of all employees
  • Company directory: Manage profiles and private settings published in the corporate directory
  • Agenda: Access and manage employee’s agendas
  • Call management: Answer and distribute incoming calls
  • VIP redirect: Reach a user bypassing a forwarding rule set
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Shortcuts to manage calls (hold, transfer, hang up), send email, sms, or instant messaging
  • Dialer search: Tool to assist fast contact search
  • Supervision/monitoring: Intercept any call and monitor company or specific users
  • Barge in/Barge out: Conference into an active call of another user’écran-2019-02-20-à-14.31.28-640x480.png

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