Centile Call Recording is an advanced web based full-featured VoIP solution designed for service providers as a call recording offering to their end-customers at a very competitive price.

Designed to meet businesses requirements, the solution is fully scalable, integrated with Centile ISTRA platform and is able to support thousands of simultaneous inbound and outbound permanent recorded calls. 

Centile Call Recording enables businesses to use a simple yet powerful and affordable solution. The innovative, full featured solution is designed to support thousands of simultaneous recording calls and enables businesses to improve employees productivity and customer retention.

myrecordings - Centile Telecom Application
myrecordings - Centile Telecom Application

Key Features

  • Easy to use intuitive web based recording interface with call recording logs (calls by day, week, month, date range, call duration, etc.)
  • Integrated Istra “add-on” component that works out of the box
  • Mixing and media servers to re-assemble raw streams
  • Conversations are converted to MP4, OGG, or AU files
  • Recording and playback activation are controlled centrally
  • Dedicated server for storage purposes
  • Licensing per administrator and extensions to be monitored
  • Available on Windows, Linux, tablets iOs and Android


myRecordings is an easy to use web based interface granting users the display of the recorded calls. The recordings can be played back in browser, or downloaded in common formats (MP4, OGG, AU) for subsequent usage.

Specific recordings can be found easily by using the search criteria including today’s date, date range through calendar, caller name, extension number or extension group, dialed number, obtained number, and call duration.

When clicking on a recorded call, a playing audio is displayed. The waveform is displayed for a quick “at first glance” overview. The user is able to position the audio cursor at a given length in the recording.

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